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Science Centers

Bringing the study of science to life through science centers

Science Centers

Carnegie Science Center and PPG Science Pavilion, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Learning about science is a lifelong activity and one that can be approached with joy. At PPG, we believe that science center’s play an important role in spreading a love of exploration and increasing science literacy. While schools are an essential part of STEM education, science centers offer a unique way for the broader community –  from students to parents to teachers and more – to learn about scientific topics in hands-on, interactive settings that help develop, and sustain, an interest in science.

Our long-term collaborations with science centers in communities where we are located around the world help us reach thousands of community members every year. Together with our science center partners, we create tangible opportunities for visitors and students to discover the possibilities – and fun – created through firsthand access to experimentation.

How do we bring this to life? Our partnerships have included the co-creation of special STEM exhibits and shows, traveling science exhibitions that extend educational reach outside museums’ walls, teacher training initiatives, and support for the development of chemistry labs inside the centers that equip visitors with opportunities for hands-on experimentation and learning.

We also are continuously seeking ways for PPG employee volunteers to showcase their expertise and science skills. You can often find our employees volunteering at science centers to demonstrate what science means to them and how it infuses their everyday work.

Our science center partnerships

We’re proud to partner with leading science centers that serve PPG communities, including:

  • Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Center of Science and Industry (COSI), Columbus, Ohio
  • Great Lakes Science Center, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Greensboro Science Center, Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston, Texas
  • Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas, Texas
  • Arizona Science Center, Phoenix, Arizona
  • NEMO Science Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands 
  • National Space Academy, Leicester, England
  • National Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo Da Vinci,” Milan, Italy
A science hub in the Netherlands

A science hub in the Netherlands

PPG has partnered with the NEMO Science Museum since 2014 in support of emerging innovators. We have helped create an engineering curriculum (called Maakkunde) to equip teachers at Dutch primary schools with the information and tools needed for engaging STEM lessons.

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Giovanni Crupi

Head of Development

Giovanni Crupi

National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci

STEM education is a responsibility, a mandate and a priority for our museum. We want to innovate in our labs to better serve our communities. Thanks to PPG, we can create a new, powerful education resource to inspire and engage our guests in science-oriented experiences.

Expanding the future of science in our global headquarters

Expanding the future of science in our global headquarters

Nearly 40 years after our partnership began, PPG, the PPG Foundation and the Carnegie Science Center continue to make learning about science possible – and fun! Through captivating educational programming, thousands of Pittsburgh-area visitors are experiencing the life-changing impact of science.

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Brittany Katofsky

PPG chemist and SciTech Days volunteer

Often times, science careers are overlooked. At SciTech Days (a program in partnership with the Carnegie Science Center), we open the minds of students by connecting science with sports and showing students how PPG technology makes hockey nets chip resistant and pucks change colors in the cold. The students’ faces truly light up when they see first-hand the excitement and fun a STEM career can provide.

Science in space

Why are rockets pointy? What design challenges must be solved to launch a rocket through the atmosphere into the vacuum of space? Since 2017, we have helped more than 10,000 students in the U.K. answer these questions and more through the PPG Chemistry Education Project in partnership with the National Space Academy, the U.K.'s largest space education organization. 

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Head of Teaching and Learning

Sophie Allan

National Space Academy

The UK has a strong, exciting, diverse and innovative space industry. The more you learn about it the more you discover just how many UK companies are using the results of the space sector. By partnering with a leading brand like PPG, we have been able to bring some of this innovative thinking and commercial context to the science we are teaching young people across the UK. At the same time, we can celebrate and demonstrate how chemistry works outside the classroom.

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