Community Engagement

COVID-19 response

Coming together to combat a global crisis

COVID-19 response

PPG supports community partners during a time of need

When confronted by the extraordinary challenges facing our communities due to COVID-19, PPG has aimed to keep people safe while meeting the needs of its employees, customers and communities. 

PPG and the PPG Foundation have committed more than $1.5 million to worldwide efforts to address immediate and emerging challenges in our communities caused by the pandemic.

How are we directing our resources?

  • Activating employee support: Employees are encouraged to make personal donations to organizations serving vulnerable populations affected by COVID-19 and PPG Foundation is providing a 2:1 match. Virtual volunteering is occurring spontaneously around the world.

  • Partnering with leading humanitarian and food service organizations: We are proud to support the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Chinese Red Cross Foundation to fund critical relief efforts in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific regions, and also Feeding America’s efforts in the U.S. to help food banks meet increased community needs.

  • Funding local on-the-ground recovery efforts: We’ve dedicated more than $500k to support organizations in our communities addressing emerging needs and those hardest hit by the pandemic.

  • Supplying critical resources: We have made in-kind supply donations of paint and masks to hospitals across U.S. markets and in Shanghai to assist the efforts of our courageous medical community.

  • Supporting our global headquarters: The PPG Foundation is committed to our HQ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has made donations to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and the Emergency Action Fund at The Pittsburgh Foundation.

Good Neighbors, Good Business

PPG Chairman and CEO, Michael McGarry, shares his thoughts on the importance of supporting our global communities, particularly in times of crisis.

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Emerging Needs Grants

Nonprofit organizations are facing an increased demand for their services from individuals experiencing hunger, shelter, healthcare and economic challenges. To help respond to these mounting needs created by the pandemic, PPG and the PPG Foundation are distributing grants to organizations supporting vulnerable populations that range from food assistance to academic support/remote learning to aid for the homeless, and more.

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Edith S. Hayes

Plant Manager at PPG’s Mojave aerospace facility

Edith S. Hayes

Mojave, California

In times of adversity, it’s our duty to be good corporate citizens and offer a helping hand to those who have fallen on hard times. The employees at our facility saw a tremendous need within our community and have done an outstanding job of attempting to fill the void.

Volunteers spreading kindness

Volunteers spreading kindness

Around the world, PPG employees are finding creative ways to give back while social distancing. From sharing their time to making masks, carrying out odd jobs for house-bound neighbors, and raising funds to provide needed resources for vulnerable populations, volunteers are making a difference in their communities.

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